Ahmedabad: I Visited 100-Yr-Old Restaurants To Try The Authentic Gujarati Food |I Love My India Ep21

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When we talk of Gujarati food, the first thing that comes to our mind is Dhokla, Fafada, Thepla and Khakara but as you saw in the previous episode I had a tea in the graveyard, tried authentic Gujarati thaali and also had crispy bhajiyas, so one thing that’s clear is that there is more to Gujarati food. So in this episode of I Love My India; Ahmedabad edition, I am visiting Das Khaman which was started in 1922 and is known to serve different varieties of Khaman. To get the best of fafada experience, I visited Oshwal which was started in the year 1972 and is known in all of Ahmedabad for its Fafada & Jalebi. I love pani puri and to try the best pani puri of Ahmedabad, I visited the old city of Ahmedabad, to a store called Ruxmani which is 60 years old and it is known for its Nylon Pani puri. How can we miss out on Manek Chowk? My beautiful evening culminated at the start of Manek Chowk Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand which is 175-year-old, known for pure ghee sweets. Watch the video to know what to eat and where to eat on your visit to this beautiful city of Ahmedabad ❤️ with @Gujarat Tourism

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00:00 - Gujarati Food & Ahemdabad
01:00 - History Of Das Khaman
01:58 - Trying Different Varieties Of Das Khaman
02:30 - Knowing Khamans Better From The Owner
03:15 - Oshwal's Popular Fafada & Jalebi
03:58 - Knowing Oshwal's History From The Owner
04:35 - Trying Out The Best Fafdas & Jalebi
05:07 - Ahmedabad's Old City Tour
05:41 - Nylon Pani-Puris at Ruxmani
06:52 - Visiting Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand's Sweets At Manek Chowk
07:30 - Drooling Over KDC's Variety Of Sweets
10:49 - Exploring Manek Chowk (Foodie's Paradise)

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