Hussain Doshi ni Gufa | Stand Out Structures


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Anybody who has been to CEPT university in Ahmedabad has probably visited Amdavad ni Gufa or as it was earlier known Husain Doshi ni Gufa. This structure in an underground art gallery, that is surely worth a visit. But before I tell you about the structure, let me tell know how it came to be.

We all know MF Hussain, one of the greatest painters of our time. Well not many people know that he was also very good friends with the architect B.V. Doshi. During his visits to Ahmedabad, Husain used to voice his idea for an exclusive gallery to house his works. Doshi then told him that he would love to create a unique space, which would comew out so amazing that MF Hussain will have to step up his game, tom atch the quality of his art with the space around it. Hussain accepted and Doshi set out to make a unique art gallery fitting for an artist.

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